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Private Investigators International, LLC is a former law enforcement and Veteran owned company specializing in providing protective & investigative services.
Our investigators and officers are a trained and talented mix of men and women from civilian law enforcement and military backgrounds. This has been a proven successful combination.
We pride ourselves in the ability to respond rapidly to our client's needs. Our response always includes a written plan of action for the client.
We incorporate the most current industry best-practices and technology.
We understand our clients, whether it is a corporate entity or private individual, the goal of our company is to exceed our client's expectations.
We are committed to conducting all of our actions in a disciplined, professional, and discrete manner. Our approach ensures integrity, ethics, and morally correct choices, these are the cornerstones of our company.

We offer the following services:

Executive protection

Event & Site security

Comprehensive background checks

Employment & Corporate Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations

Legal Investigations & Support

Domestic & Private Investigations

Cyber & Digital Forensics (including cyber-stalking)

Technical counter-surveillance measures

Intellectual property theft

Corporate espionage

Executive protection services may be limited to travel only to certain destinations, or the principal, and his or her family might require 24/7 coverage at home, at work and school, or while traveling anywhere in the world.